Madonna and Child Etching

Special Signed and Numbered Edition by Master Etcher Cornelius Sullivan

We are happy to announce the completion of the special signed and numbered edition of the Madonna and Child etching by Master Etcher Cornelius Sullivan. A video of how the etching was made is posted here for you to view.

The zinc plate is 6 x 7”. The paper is 11 x 13″ Arches Buff etching paper.

Etchings are available for donations of $500 or more.
To donate, please contact:

Joseph Burke, Executive Director

Making of the Madonna and Child Etching

Master Etcher Cornelius Sullivan shows us how he makes the Madonna and Child etching.

Nai-post ni Smooth Stone Foundation noong Huwebes, Disyembre 10, 2015

The etchings are extraordinarily beautiful, and in truth pictures of the image do not do it justice. Cornelius has captured some of the beauty and grace of the subject, and the etching inspires a special love and reverence for Mary and Jesus. We are happy to be able to deliver these etchings to our donors.