Mr. Jim Hogan

Mr. Dick Russ

Time Travel at the Speed of Christ’s Light is a powerful, entertaining, and instructive addtion your weekly Catholic Radio program lineup.

Written and narrated by noted author & theology teacher James Hogan, the 26 part series combines history, theology, biography, and apologetics along with commentary, providing listeners with even greater understanding of the importance of the Church’s role throughout history.

Available first quarter 2018, each half hour program is delivered to your station, ready for broadcast with 2 minutes of commercial of promotional availability per program.

For more information about how to obtain this free program for your radio station or for any questions, please contact Dick Russ (440) 897-1773.

Mr. Russ is the Executive Producer EWTN, Living Right with Dr. Ray and Founding Board Member. St. Peter the Rock Media   When Jim Soltis,  Founder of Smooth Stone Foundation and former student of Mr. Hogan, learned that Mr. Hogan would no longer be in the classroom after 30 years of excellent teaching, he reached out to Dick to ask for his help developing a world class program to make Mr. Hogan’s teaching available to the wider audience on Catholic Radio. We are is grateful to Mr. Dick Russ for all of his work on the development of this program as well as for the Time Travel at the Speed of Christ’s Light audio book.